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Our new showroom features Contemporary Vanities to Traditional Vanities with several new faucet options, including Swarovski Crystal! Stop by to add a touch a elegance to your power room or master bath. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to help you design the perfect bathroom to fit your needs. We ship all over the USA and would be happy to assist you over the phone or in person.


Sink Vanities Direct new showroom also features Eviva LED Mirrors with a simple touch on and off switch. Great for a night light.


If You Want to Optimize Your Bathroom, a Wall Mount Vanity Is Just What You Need

Wall mount vanities are perfect for those of you that may not have much space to work with in your bathroom. Just like they sound, they are vanities that you mount on the wall, allowing for much needed space underneath. It’s the right choice for the individual or couple living in a small apartment with an even smaller bathroom. With a wall mount vanity, there’s room below for baskets, bins, or stackable drawers where you can store all of your essentials.


So… you’ve decided a wall mount vanity is exactly what you need. Now you’re wondering which one should you choose. We have many different options available at Sink Vanities Direct. Our wall mount vanities vary in size from 24″ to 80″ with single or double sinks. You can choose from different styles and finishes as well. We have the perfect sink to fulfill everyone’s needs.203145_d_bellate_4ffd88896cd85-650x650If you want to find out more about our wall mount vanities and the many other vanities we carry, come by our showroom today.

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Find the Vanity of Your Dreams

The right vanity can enhance the look of any bathroom. Whether you’re working with a space that is small or large, we can help you pick out the perfect vanity for you. We carry many styles, colors and sizes so you get one that will complement your decor the best. Whether you need contemporary or traditional, we can meet your needs.

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We carry some of the top name brand vanities so you know you’re getting quality. When you shop at Sink Vanities Direct, you’ll get a vanity that is not only beautiful but reliable as well. You can choose from different sink styles, countertops, faucet fixtures, cabinet finishes, and so much more. You spend a lot of time using your bathroom vanity. Why not purchase one that fulfills all your needs?

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Come down to our showroom today and one of our experienced sales professionals will help you find the bathroom vanity of your dreams!

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Stylish Black Bathroom Vanities

When it comes to bathroom design, black never goes out of style. This ability may be credited to such color to add a touch of sophistication effortlessly into the bathroom. Therefore, if you want to give your bathroom a unique look, an option is to choose a black cabinet vanity.

Wyndham Andover Vanity

A design option that could make large bath using a black bathroom vanity cabinet is choose bright intense colors as the solid background of your bathroom. If you want to incorporate a sophisticated minimalist bathroom design, combining white, black and gray, no doubt this will help achieve the result. For example, you could paint your bathroom walls with white paint and top off with gray trim and then integrate their black bathroom vanity cabinet side walls to create a focal point within the space. Generally, black bathroom vanity is suitable for all types of bathroom concepts. To purchase bathroom vanities that are black in tone, always consider the style of bathroom you would like to have.

Adornus Camile Black Vanity

 The appearance of this double sink vanity bathroom is very stylish and gives great look to the bathroom. These vanities are a great combination of form and function.

If you are thinking of installing a vanity with two sinks in the bathroom, then you should consider the benefits gained by installing double sink vanity bathroom. The first, you must careful select the option that suits most bathrooms and needs. This vanity is also great for a personal space for people living together in the same house. Double sink bathroom vanities are available in different styles you can imagine and you are very good to do a combination of functionality and aesthetic design of the bathroom.

The main components of the double sink vanity bathroom are, counter top and cabinets, hardware such as handles and knobs and accessories. There are two options available to you. In both cases, you can choose a vanity base only and find a custom top or choose from a pre-set vanity. When you decide to have double sink bathroom vanity, then you can choose from different sizes and styles and choose the design that fits your bathroom.

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Making Sink Vanity Choices

When it comes to bathroom sink vanities, the world truly is your oyster. There are so many different choices that sometimes it is difficult to know where to start.

If you opt for a vessel sink, the bowl sits on top of the counter. This gives you a lot of storage space underneath, but means that the counter top space is not so readily available, and it is more difficult to clean.

A vanity with sink takes up more room, so you need to ensure that you have sufficient space to pull out drawers and/or open cupboard doors. This may not be very practical in a narrow bathroom, or other confined space. However, you do get a lot of storage space. An average 30” vanity will have around 15 cubic feet of storage, less the sink bowl and the pipework.

You also need to consider whether you need a single sink vanity or a double.

Then you need to think about counter tops. These can be of different materials, and all have their pros and cons. Natural stone is always a great choice, and has a high class look. However, porous types of stone such as marble will need regular sealing, and they may stain if spills are not wiped away quickly

Laminate is great from the point of view of being scratch and stain resistant, and there is a huge choice of colors available. However, the look is not so upmarket as natural stone. The same thing can be said of resin-based counter tops. Both types will not need sealing.

Natural wood counter tops always have a beautiful look, but again they can stain if spills get on to them. They will also need regular polishing in order to keep that glossy appearance.

Fresca Bath make a huge range of sink vanities, floor standing, and wall mounted. They also do corner vanities. Many are of modern design in black and white, but they make some in a range of colors, others in natural wood, designs in modern glass, pedestal sinks, and more. Many of these are available as single or double units.

Then there is a choice of linen side cabinets and medicine cabinets. They manufacture toilet roll holders, single and double bath towel rails, soap dishes, robe hooks, towel rings, tumbler holders, faucets of many different designs – including waterfall single hole vessel mount types – single and double towel bars in chrome or brushed nickel, and matching toothbrush holders.

They also make thermostatic shower massage panels, toilet brush holders, two tier shelves, towel racks that will hold up to four towels, wire baskets to mount on a flat wall or a corner, corner shelves, and of course, many different designs of mirrors. It is probably fair to say that whatever you could possibly want to remodel your bathroom, Fresca Bath not only make it, but offer you an extremely wide choice.


What determines a quality bathroom sink vanity?

When you buy a quality sink vanity, what do you get for your money? Aside from the material used on the sink surface, which could range dramatically from Formica® to glass to a variety of stone etc., the cabinet under your sink tells a story, too. Of course we’ve all seen those inexpensive units that were built on a production line in mass quantities and installed anywhere and everywhere that needed a cheap sink vanity right away. If you look inside those cabinets you’ll see the cheaper materials start to wave and buckle and bubble up because the materials are not humidity and moisture resistant. When you purchase a quality sink vanity that is made out of real wood, the wood itself has been properly dried to prevent warping and cracking and it is treated and sealed to resist the moisture, mold, and mildew, too. A quality sink vanity is more like a fine piece of furniture rather than a “knock-down” or “flat pack” type of construction. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

1401-36 Toledo Vanity with Door

Self-closing (also known as soft-closing) drawers is another feature of a quality sink vanity. A self-closing drawer has a special drawer glide that gently pulls drawers closed the last few inches. This pulling motion is where the “self-close” term comes from. Self-closing glides prevent cabinet drawers from slamming which preserves the life of the drawer and the finish on the cabinetry. This feature also minimizes the noise of slamming drawers. The self-closing element means that the drawers always will be closed neatly rather than partially open. A self-closing drawer glide is more expensive to install but this is a common characteristic of a quality sink vanity and so are metal roller-ball sliders. Metal roller-ball sliders are usually mounted in pairs on the sides of a drawer. These sliders allow the drawer to be fully extended allowing 100% full access to the drawer and its contents. Whether your sink vanity has a self-closing drawer glide or metal roller-ball sliders, these features add to the quality and value of your sink vanity.

Kimberly 1030DL 42x22x37

Another notable trait of a quality sink vanity is a self-closing hinge on the doors. Just like a conventional hinge, a basic self-closing hinge consists of two pieces of metal joined by a pin which allows them to rotate away from each other so that the a door can be opened and it is spring mounted so that after the door is gently pushed closed, the spring will pull the hinges back together again and close the doors completely and effortlessly. There are a number of variations on the self-closing hinge design, including designs which use the pull of gravity to close the hinges, but all of them are designed to work through the lifetime of the vanity without failing, as long as they are periodically oiled to keep the spring and hinge free moving.

1511-V24 Fairmont Designs Charlottesville-24-Vanity-Vintage-Black

So many variables, including but not limited to all-wood construction, self-closing drawers and self-closing doors affect the pricing and quality of a bathroom vanity. Bathrooms are no longer simply an area to bathe and change your clothes; bathrooms are also a luxurious oasis where you can retreat and relax. Sink cabinetry factors are a way to help keep you more organized and clutter-free. Your home is a unique place and we understand you have a unique vision for your personal space. We have the style and planning tools to help you turn your dreams into reality. Call us today…

Fairmont Designs – an upscale affordable option for your bathroom

Fairmont is one of our most popular brands.  It is affordable but can be customized in many ways.  The styles range from contemporary to traditional.  There are many different finishes and many top and sink options.

1502-V42 Framingham-42-Vanity

Furnishing Imagination

For 29 years, Fairmont Designs has been creating products that stir the imagination and bring life to your home furnishings dreams. The collections embrace design themes ranging from traditional to transitional, contemporary to rustic; sophisticated to casual. So no matter what your style, you’ll find it here. With our professional design and international marketing expertise, we’re uniquely qualified to be your total design resource. And here’s why:

Fairmont Designs works with talented designers from around the globe, keeping abreast of international design trends, to bring you innovative, fashion-forward furnishings for every room… every need… every taste.

1507-VH48 Napa-48-Open-Shelf-Vanity


Fairmont Designs owns and operate four state-of-the-art factories with 2.5 million square feet of manufacturing space that produce beautifully designed, sturdy, well-constructed furniture you’ll be proud to own today… and for many tomorrows.

1401-VH36 Toledo 36 Open Shelf Vanity


As a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, they are committed to eco-friendly business practices to ensure that our furniture is safe for you, as well as the environment. They define their success through the products, but measure achievement through their sustainability practices.

1520-V42 Uptown-42-Vanity-Glossy-White


They employ 4500 associates dedicated to providing you with the very best products. They are THE most valuable asset for they have built, and continue to improve upon, the Fairmont Designs legacy. Fairmont Designs define success through their products, but measure achievement according to their sustainability statement.

111-VH6021D Fairmont Designs Windwood-60-Double-Bowl

Whatever your needs, and whatever your budget, we are here to help. Please visit our website www.sinkvanitiesdirect.com for all the information on Fairmont Designs .  You may visit our showroom at 2367 Trade Center Way 9AM-5PM Monday-Friday or Saturday and Sunday by appointment.

179-WV21 Fairmont Metropolitan-21-Wall-Mount-Vanity

We can be reached by telephone 7 days a week -239-919-4375 http://www.SinkVanitiesDirect.com

Pedestal Sinks vs. Vanity Sinks — Which Is Better?

As is so often the case, if you ask the question “Which is better – a vanity sink or a pedestal sink?” the answer is “It depends”.

There is absolutely no doubt that a pedestal sink takes up less room than a vanity sink, so if you have a very small bathroom that you are going to remodel, that may well be the deciding factor.

However, what you need to remember is that a pedestal sink – while taking up less space – offers you nothing else in return. It occupies the space that it occupies, but it does not give you any storage space of any description. In that sense, a pedestal sink is wasting space, which can be a problem if you need somewhere to keep towels, flannels, soaps and shampoos, and whatever else you use in your bathroom routine.

A vanity sink, on the other hand, makes full use of the space below the bowl, offering storage in the shape of drawers or cupboards, or both.

Furthermore, with a pedestal sink, your plumbing has to be exactly right as regards drainage, and with many sinks of this type, you may not be able to hide the delivery lines completely. With a vanity sink, however, this is not a problem, since everything is concealed.

Possible even more important are the aesthetics. Certainly, there are some very well designed pedestal sinks on the market, but there is such a vast range of choices with sink vanities available that you would be hard pushed not to find something that fits any style of bathroom décor.

Pedestal sinks all have a “modern” look, whereas sink vanities come in all shapes and sizes, and a huge variety of designs. You can have a sink vanity made of walnut, pine, teak, or other woods, such as many of the Bellaterra range are, and these have more of the look of a piece of fine furniture about them, whereas a pedestal sink is most obviously a pedestal sink. Sink vanities can have a bow front in similar fashion to a chest of drawers, a flat face, ball and claw feet, and more, and can have drawers or cupboards, or both.

Of course, Bellaterra do not only supply sink vanities made of wood. You can have the most modern looking vanities manufactured in a range of different materials, if that is your choice. These are available in a wide range of designs in both single and double formats, and can be floor mounted or wall mounted. There are also corner sink vanities available in the Bellaterra range. In addition, there are matching wall mirrors to complement every sink vanity that the company makes, and they also offer linen cabinets.

In short, provided that you have a reasonable amount of space in your bathroom, sink vanities are a better choice than pedestal sinks in every way. All of that space underneath the sink or bowl is not simply wasted space, and you have the added benefit of something that would look as fine in your lounge as it does in the bathroom.

How To Create An Antique Bathroom – Part 2

We have had a look at the major items that you need to include in your antique bathroom. A free-standing bath with ball and claw feet, or simply claw feet, is going to be the focal point. You could also choose a roll top bath.

We took a look at some of the stunning vanities in the Legion Furniture range. When you consider the amount of detail, and the use of walnut and other woods, these vanities are not at all expensive. They come with antique design faucets as standard, but you could choose from some of the other faucets that are made by Legion Furniture.

Towel bars don’t have to be made of stainless steel, or finished in chrome. You can make your own very easily with brass coated 1” tubing and a couple of brackets, which will fit in more with your antique design.

What about lighting? A really stunning effect would be created by using antique style chandeliers, dripping with crystal or glass pendants. Use candle bulbs to complete the effect. Of course, we know that these are more often found in hallways and lounges, and we also know that it depends on the height of your ceiling, but if you can do it, just go for it. The effect on your guests will be sensational!

You can also include wall sconces, which can be fully working, or simply decorative. Alternatively, you could use wall sconces in which you can place candles on high days and holidays.

Mirrors do not have to be simply square or rectangular with a plain frame. Take a look at the very second item in the Legion Furniture catalog (use the link or click on Brands above, then scroll down to Legion Furniture), and you will see an example of a framed mirror that gives a really Victorian effect. You might fall in love with this particular mirror, but if not, it will give you some ideas for hunting out mirrors of a traditional design. Once again, you could look at flea markets, or visit a few antique shops.

Other ideas for your antique bathroom include some occasional furniture, such as a chair in an antique style (it doesn’t have to be antique, but can be reproduction) and a thick oriental rug.

Get some paintings, or prints, in a Victorian style (flea markets and charity shops are ideal for these) to hang on the walls.

Why not use wooden panelling on the lower half of the walls, with vinyl wallpaper on the top? Use decorative moulding to separate the two sections.

Another great idea is to use apothecary bottles for all of your lotions and beauty products. Decant your beauty products into them and leave them nonchalantly on the countertop. It goes without saying that you need to keep your spray deodorants and hairsprays out of sight, so keep these in the cupboards or drawers under the vanity, or on shelves in the Victorian wardrobe that you might have purchased in line with our earlier suggestion.

There you have it. A stunning antique bathroom, that doesn’t have to cost the earth, and will amaze your friends and relatives.